Are severance payments taxable?

This week on #ASKHERMIE Are severance payments taxable? How does severance pay affect unemployment benefits? In Episode #2 of #AskHermie, Hermie explains why you have to pay income tax on your severance package and why you can't receive Employment Insurance benefits...

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Workplace Romance – What you need to do

Think of your 10 closest friends… there is a good chance that you met at least one of them on the job. And it’s no wonder: with so much of our time spent at work, many of our personal relationships are bound to have started in the workplace. This also applies to...

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Severance Case Study: Are you leaving money on the table?

You or someone you know may be faced with the fear and uncertainty of job loss. With little to no knowledge of your legal entitlements, you will have to decide whether or not to accept the severance package offered by your former employer.

Our client, Jerry found himself in this very position. We increased his severance package significantly and offered him peace of mind. Don’t make an uninformed decision about your severance package or future: contact Advocation today.

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How Spending $1,000.00 Could Get You $35,000.00

Your employment contract is more than a summary of your job title/description, compensation and benefits. It is a legal document: a contract with your employer carefully designed to protect your employer’s best interest.  Before you sign your next employment contract, consult with an employment/human resources lawyer so you can enter your new working relationship with your eyes fully open and equipped with the knowledge necessary to protect your best interests.

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