How To Calculate Your Vacation Time And Pay

This blog post is the second in our series about vacation. In our last article, we dispelled 7 common misconceptions about vacation. In this article, we discuss how vacation time and pay are calculated. As mentioned in the last blog post, under Ontario’s Employment...

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Do You Know These 7 Myths About Vacation?

Summer is finally here! If you are like most workers, you have planned to take vacation during the summer months of June, July and/or August. According to Gallup, July is the most popular month for vacation followed by August and June. Many common myths persist about...

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What is in a Severance Package?

This week on #ASKHERMIE What should you expect in a severance package? Are there standard items that need to be included in all severance packages? As Hermie explains, severance packages are made up of a few necessary items (continuation of your compensation, benefits...

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