offre d'emploi animatrice site de rencontre “After having been with my employer for nearly two decades I didn’t feel the severance package offered was fair…but couldn’t be certain.” For any of us who have lost a job, this sentiment is all too familiar. Is it our “bruised egos”, as Jerry* puts it, which prompts us to question the severance package? Perhaps. But there’s no way of knowing unless you do your due diligence (which is exactly what Jerry did when he reached out to Hermie).

About Jerry

site de rencontre au canada gratuit Jerry was young at only 41 years old but had spent the entire 19 years of his professional career working for a major financial institution. At the time of his dismissal, he was serving as senior managerial employee overseeing a team of two dozen employees. The dismissal came as a severe blow to Jerry’s morale but almost immediately, Hermie helped Jerry channel his energy and quash his uncertainties. “Having someone on the case who knows what they’re doing and has seen it before does a lot to generate a sense of empowerment…It was reassuring to know that what I was feeling and the questions I had were not uncommon.”

The Severance Consultation

chicos y chicas citas With zero risk or commitment, Advocation’s complimentary severance package assessment let Jerry gauge if he should accept his former employer’s severance package and whether or not it made sense to hire a lawyer to negotiate a better one. What’s more, Hermie provided Jerry with peace of mind about what to expect and, most importantly, results. “The overall financial settlement was significantly improved and there were conditions added for my protection that I would never have thought to include.”

rencontre pnc air france Jerry not only “felt great” about the final settlement but also about how simple and stress-free the entire process was. “Hermie was very proactive, reassuring when she needed to be and always explaining how negotiations were proceeding…. I would encourage anyone who finds themselves in my situation to consult the firm and gain clarity on their severance package.

Jerry’s case, by the numbers…

We can Help

If you need a lawyer to not only help with the mammoth task of looking over your severance package, but also assist you with determining what you are owed, and helping you decide how to proceed, contact us! We can help!!

* All our case studies use pseudonyms to respect client anonymity.

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