try this out You’ve lost your job. It’s highly unlikely that you saw it coming and even if you had an inclining, the stress of now being unemployed is probably starting to settle in. The first thing you need to do is keep your wits about you: losing your job is not a time to lose your cool.

rencontre offre demande The second thing you should do is contact a reputable employment lawyer. You will likely be presented with a termination or release letter outlining your severance package. And it may be the first time you have received these documents. Taking the time to review your severance package with an employment lawyer could save you thousands of dollars! There are numerous reasons why you should have a lawyer review your termination papers, here are our top 3 reasons why.

read the full info here 1) You owe it to yourself to know whether the is more money ‘left on the table.’ For many people, this is your first (and hopefully only) time being severed. Your emotions are running high and it is a stressful time. You owe it to yourself to pause and take a moment to know what you are entitled to and whether your severance package can be improved.

ok dating app This is best explained by an employment lawyer, who will not only instruct you on the termination and severance process but also review your documents to ensure that you are receiving a fair severance package. An employment lawyer will know what you should receive at a bare minimum and what you are entitled to based on your unique case.

opcje binarne pdf 2) Your severance package is a legal document

ligar chicas con novio As a legal document it is binding upon signing, therefore, you should know and understand what you are signing and what you are bound to. If you are told that you must sign it immediately, or the package will be revoked, this is incorrect. Although your employer may provide a short timeframe to return the signed letter, this deadline does not legally need to be adhered to. After you sign the documents it is much more challenging to go back and try to increase your severance package. For this reason, it is best to take your termination papers and contact a knowledgeable employment lawyer who can review your unique case and assess the severance package provided to determine if you have received everything you are legally entitled to, or if you could potentially increase your severance.

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Most, if not all, termination papers will include a statement encouraging you to review the documents with a lawyer. You will not be punished and your severance package cannot be revoked or taken away because you have sought the advice of a lawyer or because you are attempting to negotiate a better package. Having a legal professional review your severance package is not a negative action, it is a necessary one to protect yourself, your family and anyone else who is affected by the loss of your job and income.

Why leave money on the table? Don’t take chances when it comes to your personal, professional and financial circumstance. Contact an employment lawyer to review your severance package. We are here to help! If you, or someone you know has recently lost their job have them contact Advocation for a consultation and benefit from the experience and advice of a reputable and knowledgeable employment lawyer.

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