Severance Package Negotiations:

rencontre fille grande taille Employees should always consult an employment lawyer to review a severance package. At Advocation, we provide severance package reviews on a complimentary (no fee) basis, so you are fully aware of your rights and entitlements.  The following three case studies of actual clients demonstrate how you might be leaving thousands of dollars in severance payments on the table.

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Employee Advisory Services: Ontario’s often murky workplace laws can be a rough river to cross alone. Gauging your rightful entitlements, properly protecting yourself and knowing what to do is never easy. Advocation’s legal services carry the weight and offer you the security and confidence that’s so very important when undertaking any legal matter.

Strategic Advice when Terminating Employees:

Full Article Deciding to terminate an employee is a very difficult and important decision, which is full of legal issues. In addition to weighing the numerous factors an employer should consider to determine how and in what manner to terminate, an employer must also follow proper steps to ensure that the termination is conducted properly.  At Advocation, we help employers determine the best termination strategy, to keep legal issues at bay and save money.

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