see Case Study: A banking employee increases her severance package by 750%

The Challenge

enter site Your employment contract may contain a termination clause, which could limit your severance package when your employment is terminated. In some cases, the termination clause or the contract itself may not be legally enforceable. Our client, a 40-year-old portfolio manager, was offered a severance package based on her employment contract, which only provided one-week of salary and benefits for each year of service. She was employed by her company for only 2 years and was offered a severance package of 2-weeks.

The Solution

follow After consulting with Advocation, we were able to uncover issues with both the employment contract and termination clause. The employee hired us and we were able to increase her severance package from 2-weeks to over 17-weeks of salary and benefits. The enhanced severance package gave our client greater financial security during her search for a new job.

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